Brian has lived in Arizona for over 45 years and has an extensive knowledge of the area.  He has witnessed immense growth and diverse changes in the local economy and housing markets.


Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Arizona and a Masters degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance from St. John’s University.


Prior to entering into the Real Estate industry, Brian’s work experience included management of Homeowners Associations, management of investor properties, financial advising and general management of small businesses.


Brian enjoys being a Realtor because of the happiness that is shown on client’s faces when their Real Estate transaction progresses very smoothly with minimal burden on them.  Brian enjoys facing the multitude of challenges that the Real Estate industry presents and appreciates the lessons learned.  He enjoys working with all people and cherishes the diversity that is found.  He values honesty, integrity and commitment.  Brian has enthusiasm and the drive to succeed and treats each transaction as if he were the client.


Brian’s ongoing education, experience and drive help him to grow as an expert negotiator and problem solver in the Real Estate industry.


Brian uses tech-savvy methods to further assist buyers and sellers navigate through their search for a new home or in the sale of their current home.  Brian has been able to apply his technical and marketing skills to create an Internet-rich marketing plan for sellers and a high-tech approach to helping buyers find the right home!


Brian's education, experience and passion for the business have all contributed to his success as a REALTOR®.

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